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Short Film ‘The Listener’

I’m curious if everyone who spends time looking at movies the way that do ends up wanting to make them the way I do. It never fails. I spend a few months watching movies and then have a deep longing to make a film for myself. Don’t be surprised if you start to see more things here about formal analysis and cool film techniques. I may even put some ideas up to see if they stick. I’ll probably start with a short film or concept.

This type of short film is kind of what I have in mind. Cool concept, great execution. In this short by Michael Gilhooly we are placed in a dystopian future where everyone is constantly under surveillance. This film has a great little story that will get you very involved in its 22 minute runtime. Take a look below.

Description from the official site: In a society where everyone is monitored, Jeremy is an ambitious young Listener on the brink of a promotion who suddenly finds his loyalty challenged with the arrival of a beguiling new colleague. The Listener is directed and edited by Michael Gilhooly (@m_gilhooly), from a script written by Oliver Lyttelton. The cast includes Amit Shah, Harriet Walter, Guy Henry, Joanna Horton, Cameron Johnson and Katie Scarfe. What did you think? Who wants to help me with my dream to write and direct a short?

The Foley Artist Shows the Importance of Sound

This amusing video should cheer you up if you’re feeling a bit down. It’s a short film called The Foley Artist, and it shows how important sound design is with film-making. But it’s also a nice short film with a fun story all packed into one impressive 3-minute video. Foley artists are the individuals who actually create the sound for films, using various objects and techniques in order to make the audience believe they’re actually seeing what they’re seeing. It is an art in and of itself, and it’s fun to see the intercutting between the moments and the foley work in this film. Enjoy.

Description from Vimeo: “The Foley Artist sees a master of sound at work on a fashion film. If you’ve ever wanted to see the chasm between the finished product and the extraordinary lengths taken to produce it, this short is for you.” Read more about foley work in filmmaking on Wikipedia. The short film is directed by Oliver Holmes, based on a screenplay written by Oliver Holms, Hettie Griffiths and Rob Jarvis, featuring cinematography by Rob Jarvis. It stars Georgia Waters as the girl, and Ian Macnaughton as the foley artist. For more info on the short, visit their Vimeo.

Did you find it as charming as me? Tell me what you thought. Stay tuned here for more creative short films.

Short Film: ‘Celluloid Dreams’ of Love

Check out this touching short film, it is called Celluloid Dreams. It was written & directed by Jonathan Dillon. It has already played at enough festivals to be qualified for Academy Awards consideration, so we’ll see if it makes the cut next year. The film stars Greg Lucey as an old man who puts together a broken projector and re-watches some of the old films he made growing up. He uses them to relive the past, but we all have parts of our past that we wish we could change. I like the feel of this film. It tells such an emotional story without much dialogue. Great use of visuals. I hope it gains more awards traction.

For more info on Celluloid Dreams, visit their website. If you like shorts like this, keep watching here as I will continue to post more shorts worthy of your attention.