The Devil’s Backbone

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The Devil's Backbone

Guillermo del Toro

20011 h 46 min

After losing his father, 10-year-old Carlos arrives at the Santa Lucia School, which shelters orphans of the Republican militia and politicians, and is taken in by the steely headmistress, Carmen, and the kindly professor, Casares. Soon after his arrival, Carlos has a run-in with the violent caretaker, Jacinto. Gradually, Carlos uncovers the secrets of the school, including the youthful ghost that wanders the grounds.

Title The Devil's Backbone
Director of Photography Guillermo Navarro
Writer David Muñoz, Antonio Trashorras
Runtime 1 h 46 min
Release Date 20 April 2001
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Starring: Eduardo Noriega, Federico Luppi, Marisa Paredes, Fernando Tielve, Íñigo Garcés, Irene Visedo, José Manuel Lorenzo, Francisco Maestre, Junio Valverde, Berta Ojea, Adrián Lamana, Daniel Esparza