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Details on Jennifer Lawrence’s New Oscar Vehicle

Deadline reported that Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay have their names attached to a new project, which delves into the history of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the startup company Theranos. With a product that was supposed to revolutionize the field of blood testing, Holmes rode the wave to a $9 billion evaluation, and a personal wealth of half that amount.

Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty good at finding Oscar-worthy projects. With three nominations and one win at the Academy Awards, she might have found her fourth nomination, and possible second win. Even better, she’s teaming up with Adam McKay for this riches-to-rags story.



After winning an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Big Short this past year, Adam McKay must have the golden bug himself. With his directorial hand guiding the Elizabeth Holmes story in production, he could at the very least land another nomination for Best Director with this picture. Though it wouldn’t be a surprise if he decided to do some punch-up work on the script, gaining him another Best Adapted Screenplay nomination.

The team-up between McKay and Jennifer Lawrence seems to sound like a match made in Oscar heaven, and I can’t wait to hear where further developments take the project. As of now, I don’t have any further details on when the project is aiming for production or release, but as soon as I hear something of interest, you’ll be the first to know.