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The Nice Guys (2016) Review

The Nice Guys is to LA crime stories what Deadpool is to superhero flicks: at once a celebration and a send-up. That’s just the kind of storytelling moviegoers have come to expect from Shane Black, who directed the film and co-wrote it. Black has a history of blending irreverence and violence going all the way back to his legendary script for Lethal Weapon (1987). However, Black didn’t become a name until the release of Iron Man 3, which saw a lukewarm reaction from fans.


Several years before that Marvel film, Black made his directorial debut, with the black comedy/noir Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is great. In many ways, The Nice Guys feels like a spiritual successor to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. With twisty detective plots, style to spare, comedy as black as night, and a plethora of interesting characters, the films would make for a great double feature, and they showcase exactly where Black’s directorial strengths lie. Is this a family film? No way. Does it include scenes that some may find painful to watch? You bet. Will you be entertained? Thoroughly.

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Predator Sequel to Begin Filming in September

There hasn’t been a new installment in the Predator franchise since director Nimród Antal’s Predators was released back in 2010, but that changes in 2018 when The Predator arrives. The latter is a soft reboot or semi-continuation of Predator films past (in the vein of Jurassic World, Creed, and so on) that co-writer/director Shane Black is prepping to start production later this year. Black co-penned the Predator screenplay with his writing partner, Fred Dekker, and has thus far managed to keep his cards close to his chest where it concerns the movie’s storyline, beyond confirming that it takes place in the present-day (or 2018, at the time of the movie’s release).

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