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Raging Bull

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Raging Bull

Martin Scorsese

19802 h 09 min

When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he's a prizefighter. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he's a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though LaMotta wants his family's love, something always seems to come between them. Perhaps it's his violent bouts of paranoia and jealousy. This kind of rage helped make him a champ, but in real life, he winds up in the ring alone.

Title Raging Bull
Director Martin Scorsese
Director of Photography Michael Chapman
Runtime 2 h 09 min
Release Date 14 November 1980
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Starring: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty, Frank Vincent, Nicholas Colasanto, Theresa Saldana, Mario Gallo, John Turturro, Frank Adonis, Charles Scorsese, Rita Bennett, Bernie Allen, Gene LeBell, Victor Magnotta, Shay Duffin, Jack Lotz, Kevin Breslin, Coley Wallace, Fred Dennis, Harvey Parry, Michael Badalucco, Geraldine Smith, Mardik Martin, Peter Savage, Daniel P. Conte, Richard McMurray, Candy Moore, Wally K. Berns, Allen Joseph, Martin Scorsese, Vincent Barbi, Robert Dahdah, Vincent Di Paolo, Marty Farrell, Charles Guardino, R. Michael Givens, Chuck Hicks, Michael Charles Hill, Walt La Rue, Angelo Lamonea, Gil Perkins, Tony Lip, Dennis O'Neill, Jerry Schram, McKenzie Westmore, Jimmy Williams