Best Movie Bracket

This will be my home for the bracket that I am using to find the best movie of all time. However, before we can start having a tournament, first I have to fill the bracket.

I am going to take a look at each year, working backwards from 2015, and determine the best film of that year. I need to have a top 64, so my apologies to movies before around 1950 and those that will be released after 2015, but this is the only way that I can think to narrow them down without rating every movie made and just picking my top rated.

I am seeking to find the overall best film of all time. There are so many different types of films from documentaries to musicals, Drama to blockbuster, independent to big budget, and I really like all types of film. My only limitations are the fact that I only have 2 eyes and 24 hours in a day. So my list will reflect some big Box Office smashes, to which my indie film friends may turn their noses up, and some Oscar contenders which probably slid under many people’s radar. I am a normal guy and generally don’t attend a lot of indie or private screenings so most of what I watch has to have at least a moderate release or availability on streaming services or Bluray.

If you’d like to read more about how I’m going to do this, please read my original post. Below, you will see my top picks for each year. If you follow the link for the year, you will go to my post for the year where I will give my reasoning behind my choice. I’d encourage you to play along with me. I’m going to keep my list here on a page and then I will convert the list into a bracket.

YearTitleRegionIMDb ScoreMetacritic Score
2016La La LandWest8.193
2012The AvengersWest8.169
2011The Tree of LifeNorth6.785
2010*The Social NetworkSouth7.795
2009A Serious ManEast7.079
2008The Dark KnightWest9.082
2007 - 1stNo Country For Old MenNorth8.191
2007 - 2ndThere Will Be BloodPlay-in8.192
2006The DepartedSouth8.586
2005V for VendettaEast8.262
2004Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindWest8.389
2003Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingNorth8.994
2002The PianistSouth8.585
2001Spirited AwayEast8.696
2000Requiem for a DreamWest8.368
1999 - 1stFight ClubNorth8.866
1999 - 2ndThe MatrixPlay-in8.773

Everything I learned, I learned from the movies