Trivia Tuesday – June 14, 2016

It is steaming hot down here in Florida and it is time for another round of Trivia Tuesday. I will show you 5 movie clips and I want you to do your best to identify what movie the clips come from. I heard from some of you last week and you said that they were a little hard, so I gave you some freebies in this one.

Also, there is a bonus 6th clip that will give you a hint about a theme/thread that runs through all of the clips. If you can tell me the theme, you are automatically entered to win. Win what you might ask… I’m not sure yet. What would you all like to see? I’m thinking about a winner’s banner that I place on the site so you have a place of honor for the week.

Post your answers (right or wrong) in the comments below. I’d love to hear which of these is your favorite. I’ll post the answers in the comments tomorrow. See you at the Movies!

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