Day 12 – 30 Day Movie Challenge

A Movie That You Hate

Hate is an emotion that takes energy. I could list dozens of movies here that I didn’t care to see or didn’t enjoy seeing. But a movie that I hate is very rare. I am able to see the bright side of almost anything. Instead, I am going to talk about the only movie that ever made me walk out of the theater, which is Rob Roy. I went to see Rob Roy with my mom, probably because I mistook it for Braveheart (which was actually released almost two full months after this movie). But after only a half an hour, a woman (Jessica Lange) is punched in the stomach, hit in the face and dragged by the hair. She is then put over a table and raped in a very long and quite brutal scene. As a 12-year-old that was enough for me, and I was out of there. On a side note, this is one of the reasons that I love all the tools that are now on the internet so parents can know what objectionable material is in a movie before taking their kids. But this isn’t a movie that I hate, that scene simply dredged up some great emotions in me and that is to the credit of Tim Roth who plays a great villain. He is very good at making everyone in the audience hate him with a passion. This is a movie that I need to watch again because I have always spoken badly of it because of that scene.

Do you have a movie that you simply hate? Have you walked out of the theater? What happened? Let me know your story in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Day 12 – 30 Day Movie Challenge”

  1. I can imagine that leaving a lasting impression and a good reason to hate it. Mine would probably be something like Mulholland Drive or P.S. I Love You, both were movies which I did not finish and turned off based on what I was seeing….

  2. I can relate — portrayals of rape have always disturbed me greatly, and I refuse to watch a film if I know it contains a rape scene. Incidentally I did not know about the rape scene in Rob Roy when I saw it with my dad–also as a pre-teen–but fortunately it was on video and my dad fast-forwarded. I’ve seen most of the movie since, and I have to say I love everything except that one scene. It’s a masterpiece of a movie, with exceptional characters, writing, swordplay, cinematography, acting, everything. I just wish they hadn’t felt the need to show the rape scene in all its brutality. We know rape is evil, and that that character is evil — it doesn’t need to be rubbed in our faces!

    1. I’m glad that i don’t have to watch it again because it fell short of being included on the IMDB Top 250. But I do have my eye out and might watch it again because I’d like to see how Tim Roth and John Hurt’s villainous performances fare against my more matured sensibilities. Perhaps I can take a page out of your father’s book and skip that scene.

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