Day 05 – 30 Day Movie Challenge

Favorite Love Story In A Movie

I can’t say that I’m an expert on romantic novels or films. I’ve seen my fair share, but I am not as fond of this genre as some others may be. That being said, I believe that When Harry Met Sally is, the wittiest and most funny romantic comedy out there in film land. The movie came out in 1989, but for some reason, I think this is one that will stand the test of time and entertain audiences for decades to come.

Like all good romantic comedies, this film thrives on its witty dialogue and cleverness and isn’t overly sentimental. In other words, there is that perfect equilibrium between scenes of sheer poignancy and scenes of brutal comic relief. The actors, of course, have a lot to do with the film’s success and appeal. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are perfect for the roles assigned. They are truly an odd couple, but each one of them brings their charisma and charm to the screen. Harry is the character we all find obnoxious but can’t help but loving and Ryan is just quirky and adorable.

Their love story is one that we’ve seen play out on the screen dozens of times since, but I don’t think any film has ever or will ever portray the issue better. The question it poses is one of universal importance, namely, can women and men ever be friends? It appears so, but what happens when you introduce sex to the equation? Does it negate the friendship or does the intimacy make it too awkward to continue just being friends? I’ll leave that for you and your friends (male or female) to discuss over a nice cup of coffee. If you haven’t seen the film, go now and watch it. Seriously, I will wait right here. If you won’t go watch it, I’ll just say that with heaps of quirky, funny dialogue, a script that Nora Ephron will forever attempt to duplicate, and clean directing from the extremely talented Rob Reiner, When Harry Met Sally is a highly enjoyable film that has held strong over two decades after its creation.

In contrast to many of the weeping romantic comedies and melodramas that I mentioned in yesterday’s sad movies post, this one is not a weeper. Instead, it takes a clear-eyed, almost cynical view of love and companionship, and creates around it a charming tapestry of bracing wit and crunching dialogue. So save the violins and the handkerchiefs for romantic comedies less sure on their feet – whose deficiency in wit must be made up for by a wave of melodrama and manipulation. This movie is manipulative too, but it’s the laughs along the way we remember here, not the big kiss or the grand embrace. This film is put together so well, that we just know that Harry and Sally were meant for each other. They have been unlikely friends for years. They share all the details of their love lives, but have never been together. They fear it will change their relationship. But in a moment of weakness, they find themselves in bed together and it does change everything. Not sure how to handle the situation, Harry and Sally have a fight and grow apart. But eventually, Harry comes to his senses and realizes that there is a woman with whom he can be friends. She is the same woman that he has known, we could even say loved, for years. In the end, we have a beautiful love story of two friends who overcome the obstacles in their path and find love.

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